Monday, July 26, 2021

19th Century Poem & Graphic

 I found these while researching for a storyline, and thought I'd share them here. They're free to use, but have a not-for-sale copyright restriction. (Not my rules, but the rules of the digital resource). So I won't be incorporating them into a digi-kit, but the graphic was too beautiful not to share:  

"Funeral letters?"  Here's information from The Victorian Web about condolence letters, as well as the kind of stationary that Victorians in mourning would have used.  Here is an article from Dusty Old Thing including mourning cards, kind of like funeral tickets to get into a family funeral. 

This poem captures the 19th century, don't you think?  Blacksmiths, chimney-sweepers, and bookbinders.  :-)  Also, midwives were refreshingly normal back then.

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