Thursday, October 25, 2018

What Is Art?

This started off with me slapping up a quick photo of a purple sunrise for artist Gisele Grenier. She is a WONDERFUL art teacher who recently posed the question "Is paint pouring really art?" on one of her videos. It reminded me of when I was living on the Chesapeake Bay & I went to an art show of landscapes from local artists. I was with my neighbor, who was a mortgage banker, who told me with great authority that one particular sunrise painting had "too much purple" in it and it would be better with less purple. She was not an artist and had never studied art. Her whole opinion was based on her idea that it wasn't realistic and therefore wasn't good. Also, it wasn't "realistic" because she had never seen a purple sunrise like that before. I had!  

Here's an orangey one for the Autumn season!

I think when hearing criticism or getting personal feedback for your art, it's good to consider the source: 
Is this person an artist?
Does s/he have experience of art history?
Is there an understanding of the basic elements of what constitutes art?

Even professional critics disagree!  I certainly would never aspire to buy Piero Manzoni's "art" which consists of allegedly tinning up his own literal crap!  ($300,000?!)

[And then I squirreled & thought about what Mum would say if she heard about this guy]

But someone values that as art. See? It's like that old saying: 

"One person's junk is another person's JUNK JOURNAL."  (Haha)

Art is a subjective experience. It can't be measured like math; there is no ONE answer. To me, art is beauty. It's what feeds my soul. What is beauty?  That's subjective, too!

And I'll leave you with some more beauty; one of the first sunrises from my current backyard:
More purple!

Tuesday, October 9, 2018


Look at those books!  And also, it's Bruce Lipton. What's not to love? 

"When we struggle to obtain our wishes and desires, it's not an issue from outside control, it's an issue of inside programming. And once you know this, we are free to change that programming. And when we change that programming, we become empowered because with new programs we can program success, happiness, health, and love."