Thursday, October 24, 2019

Booksmith Guest Book

This is a Booksmith guestbook that I made for the funeral of a friend who passed away suddenly on Monday.

It is also a Traveler's Notebook (as per usual)!
Music scrapbook paper and the pockets are from a butterfly scrapbook pad that Gladys gave me.
His name was Les and he was the husband of Gladys, one of the knitters in the Knitting Guild. He was a dear, sweet and kind man. He was hilariously funny and always had a smile. "How are you, darlin'?"  he used to say with a hug. Many of our conversations were after church in the parking lot or at a function. 

I had run into him and Gladys at the Dollar Tree. "We're just in here for a couple things," said Gladys. Les was trailing behind her with his arms full and was balancing some tissue boxes on top as she added something else. I said, "Ooooh, I like that pattern on the tissue box."  The next conversation I had with Gladys was, "Listen, Les has been saving you those tissue boxes.  I got a whole bag full of them!"  So I incorporated one into the first insert:

There are 4 inserts with room to add more. This is the center of a Cursillo gathering that Les & Gladys went to last month:
I cut out this photo printed on cardstock of Les & Gladys with Sandi,
Tammy, Betsy, & Linda all friends from St. Luke's who served on that weekend.
This is the photo behind that:
View of the river from Chanco on the James.
Back of second insert on left, cover of third insert:

Here are some photos from that insert:
With church friend Larry, who died a couple years ago.

Back of TN:

 I pulled photos and graphics from Les's Facebook page, the Cursillo site, and the church Facebook page. I did 4 inserts with different themes: the first with the photo of Les was spiritual and encouraging things that Les had posted, the second was all about Cursillo, the third one was his love of animals, and the fourth was humour-based cartoons and graphics.  Here are a few of my favourites and they give you an insight into his personality:

And finally:

I am so grateful to Nik the Booksmith to have been able to make something special for Gladys. THANK YOU!!!  Click here to learn how to make your own Booksmith journals.   For a free course on how to create Traveler's Notebooks, click HERE.