Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Jane Austen July Journal: A Few Pages

 Here are some photos of my Jane Austen July journal. I really didn't read or watch anything that wasn't Jane Austen-related for the whole month! Any movies mentioned, I've linked to their trailers, except for Mansfield Park because BLEH.  Okay, here we go . . . 

Here's the spine:
 I added a little "cameo" from Nik's Jane Austen July digi-kit

Commonplace journal insert:

First page:
Thumbnails for YouTube channel & first video. Below that is a 
comment from another Janeite on Nik's Jane Austen video.

I watched Bride & Prejudice. I print out a picture of the movie poster and use it as a pocket. Then I print out my favourite one-star reviews, which are often LOL-funny. 

On the right is a pocket I made with a carriage graphic, and I printed out info from the British Library on an article on how Jane Austen used carriages as a vehicle (harhar) for communicating wealth, class, and status. Another article is from John Mullan: Status, Rank, and Class in Jane Austen's Novels

Here are notes I took on a video I watched,
I do a hybrid of bullet journal/mind-mapping. I take notes in pen first. Then I go back and colour with  watercolour pencils and then I go back with a water brush and make it look watery.

I watched the 1999 version of Mansfield Park: 
Skip the movie, It was truly dreadful. 

On left: notes taken from Books & Things video on Mansfield Park.
Favourite synopsis of the book from Nick, Katie's husband:

"One woman's heartwarming journey to sleep with her cousin." 

On right, Love & Friendship movie:

2005 Mansfield Park:

I made a dedicated insert for Regency Fiction:

Here's my favourite book I read, Aurora. I print out a picture of the book cover, along with the summary of the book, and my own notes:

The cover for my list of books to be read:

This is another convenient graphic from Nik's Jane Austen digi-kit:
I write in the book and then fill in stars and add notes when I've read it. Very handy!

I'll do a separate blogpost/flip thru for the Quotes insert:

For a flip-thru video of the journal, click HERE

Sunday, August 6, 2023

Genuine FAUX Cabinet Cards

 My sister is spiffying up display cabinets in the university science building she manages. She's very good with arranging curiosities and artifacts. Some of them have been donated by the family of a member on staff. He had a picture of his great-grandfather holding a skull in medical school, and here's the skull:

So I made vintagey looking cabinet cards & calligraphed information:

There were other pictures included, so I made cabinet cards for them as well:

Here are some close-ups of the cards:

Dr. Charles Bennett:

In medical school in Milwaukee, circa 1899:
"Alas!  Poor Yorick!" (Shakespeare ref)

This is great-grandmother Pearlie Bennett, his wife:
Lookit those mutton sleeves!  Soooooo much poof!

I miiiiiight do a tutorial or something. We'll see . . . .  :-)

Here's a 3-minute video flip-thru if you want to see them.