Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Jane Austen July Journal: A Few Pages

 Here are some photos of my Jane Austen July journal. I really didn't read or watch anything that wasn't Jane Austen-related for the whole month! Any movies mentioned, I've linked to their trailers, except for Mansfield Park because BLEH.  Okay, here we go . . . 

Here's the spine:
 I added a little "cameo" from Nik's Jane Austen July digi-kit

Commonplace journal insert:

First page:
Thumbnails for YouTube channel & first video. Below that is a 
comment from another Janeite on Nik's Jane Austen video.

I watched Bride & Prejudice. I print out a picture of the movie poster and use it as a pocket. Then I print out my favourite one-star reviews, which are often LOL-funny. 

On the right is a pocket I made with a carriage graphic, and I printed out info from the British Library on an article on how Jane Austen used carriages as a vehicle (harhar) for communicating wealth, class, and status. Another article is from John Mullan: Status, Rank, and Class in Jane Austen's Novels

Here are notes I took on a video I watched,
I do a hybrid of bullet journal/mind-mapping. I take notes in pen first. Then I go back and colour with  watercolour pencils and then I go back with a water brush and make it look watery.

I watched the 1999 version of Mansfield Park: 
Skip the movie, It was truly dreadful. 

On left: notes taken from Books & Things video on Mansfield Park.
Favourite synopsis of the book from Nick, Katie's husband:

"One woman's heartwarming journey to sleep with her cousin." 

On right, Love & Friendship movie:

2005 Mansfield Park:

I made a dedicated insert for Regency Fiction:

Here's my favourite book I read, Aurora. I print out a picture of the book cover, along with the summary of the book, and my own notes:

The cover for my list of books to be read:

This is another convenient graphic from Nik's Jane Austen digi-kit:
I write in the book and then fill in stars and add notes when I've read it. Very handy!

I'll do a separate blogpost/flip thru for the Quotes insert:

For a flip-thru video of the journal, click HERE

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