Monday, April 19, 2021

Victorian Illustrations

 I've been doing some children's literature research for Fernie's World. I was going to give a spoiler alert about Fernie's future husband, but I will just be hint-ish about him:

This is really what prompted this blogpost for my neglected blog:

I love seeing evidence of a child's play from the 19th century! I can imagine little Victoria with her water colours, painting. And then she was interrupted and didn't finish because she had to practice her needlework. And her favourite colour was purple. Or she had a bossy older sister who told her she couldn't have two dresses in the picture with the same colour! 

Here's another one:

And then I saw this:

And finally, she used the last bit of paint:

Feel free to use, as they are in the Public Domain and there's no copyright.  :-) 

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