Friday, January 4, 2019

Lindsey Zenor Quotable

"Crafting refreshes the soul. Crafting builds you up. Crafting helps you get through the hard times in your life and it is because I believe that we have been created by our creator to create. If you think about the creator of everything, how he made these gorgeous flowers and these gorgeous meadows, and these rivers and these waterfalls and these canyons; the BEAUTY that He has created in the detail . . . the Bible says that He has placed eternity into the heart of man and I take that to mean that God has put a little bit of himself into us and that is why we love to create. So it's NOT frivolous and the people that try to tell you it's a waste of time or not worth it and they don't understand, that's fine; they can view it that way but you're the richer for it. I really believe that. I think it enriches your life."

Lindsey is an artist and journal maker, Etsy shop owner of Nevermore Creations and fellow Booksmither. She's creating a new consignment shop on Instagram, Nevermore Creations Marketplace to feature work from other artists who want to sell their journals. BRILLIANT idea and so generous and kind of her.

Here's the full video:

Here's a video of the journals in the marketplace so far:

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